Taco Bell Will Sell Frosé Freezes This Summer

Stop everything! If you're lucky enough to be in SoCal or Chicago this summer, you can sip on frosé while you enjoy your Taco Bell favorites.

Between the so-good Naked Chicken Chalupa and it being a healthy-ish fast-food option, it’s hard enough to resist Taco Bell. Now, they’re introducing something that’s almost as exciting as the legendary Baja Blast Freeze. Two lucky Taco Bell Cantina locations will be serving up frozen rosé, aka frosé this summer!

What is Frosé?

Like Taco Bell, rosé is already pretty lovable on its own. It’s sweet, refreshing and the perfect summer drink to pour with all your go-to summer meals, which might be why it has the nickname ‘summer water.’

Taco Bell’s frosé is frozen (!) rosé with notes of berry to bring you a “tasty, strawberry-forward, easy-to-sip summer treat.” It’s bright pink, slushy and super pretty, and probably pairs well with a Crunchwrap Supreme. We’re ready to order!

Where to Find It

The Frosé Freeze is currently being tested at two of Taco Bell’s special Cantina locations, in Newport Beach, Calif. and Chicago, Ill. You can snag a drink for $7.99 in Newport Beach, or $5.49 in Chicago. While that might seem a touch pricey for Taco Bell, you might end up spending $10-$15 for a glass of rosé alone at a bar, so this is a good splurge. Here are 5 facts all rosé lovers should know.

Can’t make the trip? Try these icy, slushy, frosty-frozen treats at home.

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About Taco Bell Cantina

If you haven’t been to a Cantina restaurant, picture a Taco Bell with an extended menu that serves alcohol. They don’t have a drive-thru, but their inviting vibe won’t make you feel like you’re even at a fast-food restaurant. You’ll definitely want to take a seat while you enjoy your frosé and food.

This drink is as “refreshing as it is fabulous,” and will definitely be the perfect thing to enjoy with your favorite Taco Bell meal all summer long!

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