‘Supermarket Sweep’ Is Now on Netflix, and We’re Living in the ’90s Again

We'll be watching this ASAP... with some Dunkaroos.

Remember crop tops and neon windbreakers? How about Hi-C and Lunchables for every meal? (See all the snacks that will make you feel like a kid again.) From fashion to food, there’s plenty to be nostalgic about from the ’90s.

For anyone who loved TV in the 1990s, we have an exciting announcement. Supermarket Sweep, the most iconic grocery shopping/game show combo, is streaming right now. This is where to watch!

It’s a Blast from the Past

Seriously, it’s almost too good to be true—but true, it most certainly is. If you’re a ’90s kid looking to relive your childhood, 15 episodes from the 1993 season of this 20-minute game show are streaming now. You can watch ’em one at a time, or sit down for seven hours and binge through the whole thing. And then, when you’re done with that, you can move on to Julia Child’s The French Chef.

If Supermarket Sweep is a totally new title to you, here’s how it works: Contestants start with a base amount of time to run through a grocery store and add items to a shopping cart. Before they set off on their shopping spree, they can answer trivia questions to raise the amount of time they’re allotted.

Then, once the Q&A is done, they run through the aisles, adding as many high-priced items to their cart as possible. Whoever has the most expensive total at the end is the winner! The show aired on Lifetime in the ’90s, although it started on ABC in the ’60s. There’s even an ABC reboot in the works, with SNL alum Leslie Jones as the host.

Where Can I Watch?

15 episodes of Supermarket Sweep are available on Netflix, so if you’re a subscriber there, you’re good to start watching! Another platform also offers more than 50 episodes from the 1991 and 2000 seasons: Amazon Prime.

No matter where you choose to watch, you’re sure to get that familiar nostalgia—so you should totally pair your marathon with one of these recipes from the ’90s.

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