SunnyD Vodka Seltzer Is Here to Quench Your ’90s Nostalgia

If you loved SunnyD as a kid, you might like this adult version as a canned hard seltzer.

With the rise of White Claw and other hard seltzers, along with other canned alcoholic drinks, it was only a matter of time before established brands like Mountain Dew and Smirnoff would want in on the action. So, it comes as no surprise that SunnyD would want in on the fun. Long used as a mixer by resourceful young people looking for a cheap buzz, SunnyD is banking on nostalgia. If you’re old enough to remember mixing SunnyD with vodka— looking you, younger Gen X and older millennials—this is the drink for you.

According to Harvest Hill Beverage Company, the maker of SunnyD, there was a ton of nostalgic interest in the new canned cocktail. “SunnyD is a powerful brand, the most boldly unique orange drink on the planet,” said Ilene Bergenfeld, the company’s chief marketing officer, in a statement. “Consumers are passionate about this iconic brand, rooted in nostalgia but with a taste that resonates today. Many have told us that they enjoy SunnyD as a mixer and asked for this product. So, we looked at the hard seltzer category, and thought, good, but we can do better.”

What Is SunnyD Vodka Seltzer?

SunnyD Vodka Seltzer is a beverage with “a bold orange flavor” sold in slim 12-ounce cans that are made with real fruit juice and are low in alcohol (4.5% ABV). It’s also low in calories, with only 95 per serving, and has zero grams of sugar.

SunnyD, short for “Sunny Delicious”  is the tangy orange drink that was first developed in 1963 when two Florida dads looked around an orange grove, and thought, “good, but we can do better.” The pair created SunnyD and a legend was born. In the 1990s, SunnyD enjoyed a particular wave of popularity and landed a dedicated fan base.

What Does SunnyD Vodka Taste Like?

The flavor is about as straightforward as it gets. It tastes like… Sunny D and vodka. Consider that good, bad or indifferent depending on how you felt about SunnyD and vodka back in your youth, because this is pretty much the same. If you were the sort of person who enjoyed this mix way back when, it’ll bring back some good memories. For the rest of us… well… to borrow SunnyD’s own slogan: “good, but we can do better.”

When Can I Get It?

SunnyD Vodka Seltzer just went on the market last weekend—so you can be one of the first in your neighborhood to give it a try!

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