Sugarfina’s Gummy Bears Pack a Real Caffeine Punch

The first coffee-infused gummy bears are here, thanks to three caffeine-filled flavors from Sugarfina and Alfred Coffee.

Enjoying a morning cup of coffee—or relaxing with an afternoon cup at the best coffee shop in your neighborhood—is a ritual for many people. But what if you could swap out your cup for a sweet treat? The first-ever coffee-infused gummy bears are here to shake up your caffeine routine.

What Do the Bears Taste Like?

These new treats from candy manufacturer Sugarfina and Los Angeles-based coffee shop Alfred Coffee are available in three flavors:

  • Cold Brew: It’s Alfred’s classic cold brew blend, but in bear form
  • Iced Vanilla Latte: Each sweet and creamy bear is infused with Alfred’s signature vanilla latte
  • Bourbon Cold Brew: A splash of real bourbon meets Alfred’s classic cold brew blend

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How Much Caffeine Is Actually in Each Bear?

The gummy bears pack a surprising punch! Each serving of the cold brew and bourbon cold brew flavors contain 60 milligrams of caffeine, which is equivalent to one espresso shot. Each serving of the iced vanilla latte bears contains 30 milligrams of caffeine, aka half of an espresso shot. (If you want more of a boost, try these other buzz-inducing foods.)

I Need the Bears—Where Do I Buy Them?

The Sugarfina bears are available in three different and unbearably cute packages:

  • Mini Coffee Cups ($7 each / $21 per 3-pack): Complete with a lid and straw, these each contain one flavor of the bears in a palm-sized 3.5-ounce cup.
  • Coffee Bags ($14 each): Don’t put this in your grinder! Each resealable 12-ounce bag of gummy bears is packaged just like real coffee.
  • Tumblers ($25): For the ultimate fan, this 12-ounce iced coffee tumbler has Alfred’s signature “But first, coffee” tagline on it, and contains one bag of the cold brew and iced vanilla latte varieties.

The sweet bears are available on Sugarfina’s website and in their retail boutiques. It sounds like these are the perfect gift for the major coffee lover in your life!

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