Sugar vs. Sugar Substitutes: What’s Worse For You?

We’re solving this debate once and for all!


It’s the typical debate at the coffee shop after ordering your morning java—do I use sugar, or the sugar substitute? Since sugar is known to be a common weight-gain ingredient, the sugar substitute seems to be the most fitting solution. Sprinkle in just a little bit of the fake stuff and free yourself of that guilt!

Well, hate to break it to you folks, but you’re better off with sugar.

According to a study published by the York University in Toronto, aspartame (which is the name for an artificial sweetener) can actually cause a greater weight gain than it’s natural counterpart. The study says that aspartame significantly influences a person’s body mass index (BMI) and glucose tolerance. So as a person consumes aspartame, their tolerance towards actual sugar decreases and your chances towards obesity continue to increase.

What about Stevia? If you haven’t heard of it, stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from a stevia plant and has been used for centuries. It is popular for being the “healthier” alternative to a sugar substitute. Although stevia has been proven to lower insulin levels and help those with diabetes, it is still possible for someone to have a misconceived perception of their “sweet” intake. If someone is used to eating sweeter foods, that could easily lead to a habit of always wanting a sugary bite.

So if you really need something sweet, you’re probably better off with a natural sweetener. You could try sweetening your food with natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, or even dates. We’ll even help you learn all about how you can substitute honey for sugar for a healthy twist. All of these, including stevia, are probably your best choice for a sugar substitute. Or just go for the real deal and make one of these 40 sweet, sugary cinnamon desserts. Now that we’ve settled this debate, learn about the difference between light and dark brown sugar and uses for turbinado sugar.

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