Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Ask the Test Kitchen

I have a wonderful recipe for stuffed cabbage leaves. How do I peel the leaves from the head without ripping them into pieces? My husband loves this dish, but it always seems to fall apart when I serve it. —R.D., Atlanta, GeorgiaTo easily remove leaves from cabbage for stuffing, core the cabbage, then immerse the whole head in boiling water until the outer leaves begin to loosen. Remove cabbage from the water and carefully peel away as many outer leaves as will come off easily. If you need more leaves, place the cabbage back in simmering water for a minute or two. Some cabbage leaves have a thick rib, which keeps them from lying flat and being easily rolled up. In that case, trim the end of the leaf (and the thick end of the rib) so you can more easily roll up the leaf with the stuffing. Interested in more recipes? Try our best cabbage recipes!

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