M&M’s New Flavor Is Absolutely Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Shake it up with your favorite person with these new Strawberry Shake M&M's!

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Valentine’s Day just screams love, togetherness and lots and lots of candy. There’s even a map of every state’s favorite Valentine’s Day treat. And yes, I can attest to its accuracy. As an Illinois girl myself, I could throw back chocolate-covered strawberries all day. But it’s not only homemade Valentine’s Day candies that I crave so much. I love a bit of store-bought chocolate, too.

That’s why I’m so berry excited for M&M’s brand-new flavor dropping this year!

What’s M&M’s Valentine’s Day Flavor for 2023?

It’s Strawberry Shake M&Ms! Can you understand now why I’m so thrilled? Not only is strawberry my absolute favorite milkshake flavor, but it’s now combined with one of my absolute favorite chocolate candies. On top of all that, these sweet little treats aren’t just your run-of-the-mill milk chocolate… they’re white chocolate! You’ll also find the candy shells are reminiscent of classic V-Day colors: pink, red and a bit of green. They just get better and better the more I think about ’em.

Yup, these are white chocolate candies expertly mixed with the delightful flavors of a strawberry shake. Reminds me of the good ‘ol days when I would sit outside in the summer with my softball team eating ice cream after a big game. These may just be the best Valentine’s Day candy of 2022!

Where Can I Get ‘Em?

You can grab a 7.44-ounce bag from the M&M’s website for around $4.50 per pack. You can also pick up a pack of these scrumptious sweets at any of your major local retailers like Walmart, Target or Walgreens. You can easily incorporate a bag of these into a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other or even some of your closest friends. That is, if you don’t eat them all by yourself first!

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