Our Favorite Stranger Things Characters as Ice Cream Flavors

In Season 3, Steve is working at an ice cream shop. So what flavors would the Stranger Things cast be?

After months of begging from fans, Netflix has released the full trailer for Stranger Things‘ third season. There are plenty of hints about the paranormal aspect of the show, and it looks like there are some new monsters headed Hawkins’ way. But the new photos of the Stranger Things cast also hint at something a little bit sweeter. Fans will be delighted to see that Eleven and Max are now friends, laughing and eating ice cream together.

The too-cute ice cream photo, combined with Steve’s new job at Scoops Ahoy, got us thinking. If the Stranger Things cast were ice cream flavors, what would each character be? It’s not exactly a scientific discussion, but it’s definitely a fun one—here are our best guesses.

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Eleven: Strawberry

It looks like El is eating a strawberry cone in the new season, and the flavor totally fits her personality. It’s not as popular as vanilla or chocolate, but it’s an essential part of the ice cream flavor list. And Eleven is an essential part of the Stranger Things friend group. Plus, strawberry is the perfect Eggo topping. Channel your inner Eleven and whip up one of these must-try frozen waffle recipes.

Max: Neapolitan

Fans don’t know as much about Max as they do the other characters since she only joined the show in season two. But she has some of the best aspects of Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin’s personalities—just like Neapolitan ice cream combines some of the best flavors.

Mike: Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream is simple and functional, and it doesn’t need mix-ins to prove it’s delicious. Mike is fairly no-nonsense, but he was also there for Will and Eleven in a supportive way. He’s a true friend and the perfect representation of this classic ice cream flavor.

Will: Rocky road

Does anything describe Will’s time in The Upside Down better than the name of this flavor? Even though he’s safe, it looks like Will is still having some trouble fitting back into his friend group. He’s reunited with his family, but Will’s rocky road isn’t totally over. (Psst! While you might not want to travel to The Upside Down, you will want a slice of these vintage upside-down cakes.)

Dustin: Cake batter with sprinkles

Even though the group is growing up, there’s something sweet and innocent about Dustin. He really did want to care for Dart and to see the best in the creature. While Dart (sadly) ended up eating the family cat, Dustin’s intentions were good. He’s not childish, but he does want to see the best in people, and cake batter reflects that balance.

Lucas: Mint chocolate chip

This flavor is delightful, like Lucas’ sweet character. But it still has its downsides, like the way that Billy isn’t a fan of Max hanging out with Lucas. He shouldn’t pay Max’s brother any mind, though—mint chocolate chip is a key ice cream flavor, and Lucas is a key part of the group.

Joyce: Butter pecan

She’s a little out there, but you can’t help but love her. Sure, there are some people who might be irritated by Joyce (or by the thought of butter pecan ice cream). But there are plenty of people who love her and the old-school ice cream flavor.

Hopper: Coffee

Hopper just seems like someone who relies on that cup of joe each morning. And he knows how to comfort the various Hawkins residents during times of trouble—like coffee, he’s adaptable to whatever the situation requires.

Nancy: Vanilla

It’s great that Nancy and Mike are getting along these days, but she’s still the most boring character on the show. Nancy is plain, and that’s OK! But in terms of ice cream, she’s a scoop of vanilla, for sure.

Jonathan: Pistachio

It’s a love-it-or-hate-it flavor—and fans of the show either love or hate Jonathan. He and Nancy are together now, and he’s been pretty kind to her. But he still spied on her during a pretty intimate moment in Season 1. Pistachio, like Jonathan, is one flavor you don’t want too much of.

Steve: Chocolate chip cookie dough

This flavor is a crowd-pleaser for a reason, and Steve is many fans’ favorite Stranger Things character. Cookie dough ice cream was also invented in 1984, putting it right in line with the show’s timeline.

Season 3 of Stranger Things will be available July 4, 2019, only on Netflix. While you’re waiting, check out these must-watch food documentaries.

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