Stojo Jr. Containers Are Here to Save the Day for Back to School

The new Stojo Jr. containers are reusable, collapsible, stackable and leakproof little wonders you'll want to add to your lunch prep and transportation collection immediately.

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If you’re already a fan of the incredibly useful Stojo collapsible food containers for meal prep and storage, you’re going to be obsessed with the new line of kid-friendly Stojo Jr. containers for kids! The brand new food storage products feature a colorful collapsible bottle, cup with a straw and sandwich box to tote favorite snacks and drinks with confidence and in style. Plus, the containers are made without harmful chemicals, leads or glues so parents can feel good about sending their little ones back to school with the Stojo Jr. line.

What is Stojo Jr.?

Stojo Jr. containers are a line of collapsible essentials for kids to easily transport their favorite foods and snacks without the hassle of messy cleanups, spills or bulky transportation. They’re a spin-off on the Stojo brand’s original line of collapsible, leakproof containers for the whole family that garnered a waiting list of thousands of people.

The new Stojo Jr. lineup includes on-trend, aesthetically pleasing lunchbox essentials like a 14-ounce bottle, an eight-ounce cup with a straw and a 24-ounce sandwich box that are all tailored to growing minds and tastes. And don’t worry about finicky colors, because each of these items is offered in six kid-friendly colors from yellow to pink to sage green.

Safety is top of mind too. These are made of LFGB certified silicone that won’t absorb flavors or food stains. The LFGB, a European safety commission, is even stricter than the FDA—to give you an idea of how valuable that certification is. It also means every sip and snack will taste like the very first one. No lingering peanut butter odors!

What’s available?

The sandwich box is one of our favorites, and features a four-clasp lid to create a spill-proof seal. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. It comes apart for easy cleaning, but again, just throwing it in the dishwasher is A-okay. You can easily pack it with sauce-heavy pasta, berries, yogurt and other healthy school lunch ideas without worrying about stains or smells.

The cup and water bottle are also leakproof and dishwasher safe. The cup features a straw and can be used with hot or cold beverages, from hot cocoa to chilled apple juice. Plus, the cup and water bottle are super duper easy to transport. When the liquids are gone, both containers fold down like an accordion for easy transportation back home. Can plastic containers do that?

One of the best parts of this collection of lunchbox gear is how all the Stojo Jr. containers are reusable and teach kids the importance of kicking single-use plastics to the curb from an early age. They’re also collapsible, stackable and easily fit in most backpacks and lunch boxes for better snacking without the bulk. We won’t blame you if you love the colors so much that you want to add these happiness-inducing containers to your adult lunch boxes, too.

Where to Buy Stojo Jr.

The entire collection of Stojo Jr. containers is available right now on Stojo’s website. Expect to pay $12 for the reusable cup with a straw.  You’ll pay $16 for the mighty sandwich box and Stojo Jr. bottle. Stock up now, because these food containers will last for years, and lunches, to come.

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