These 10 States Order Way More Pie Than the Rest

Move over, pizza. There's a new pie out for delivery.

I’ve always cringed at the saying “easy as pie.” Because, as anyone who’s ever made a homemade pie can tell you, it’s not necessarily an easy process. (If you’re looking for easy, try one of these simple dessert ideas).

That’s why when Grubhub—a national food delivery service—reached out with some fun food statistics, I wasn’t shocked to see that pie was a commonly ordered dessert. After all, who wants to spend three hours working away in the kitchen when you could have a piece of pie delivered straight to your doorstep?

Celebrate Pi Day (that’s 3/14) with these luscious treats.

Which states order the most pie?

According to Grubhub, these are the states that order the most pie. The data was collected by evaluating which states saw more pie orders in 2018 when compared to the rest of the country.

  1. Nebraska: 487% more pie orders
  2. Rhode Island: 416% more pie orders
  3. Kansas: 361% more pie orders
  4. Nevada: 264% more pie orders
  5. New Mexico: 261% more pie orders
  6. Arizona: 246% more pie orders
  7. Indiana: 173% more pie orders
  8. Missouri: 145% more pie orders
  9. West Virginia: 135% more pie orders
  10. Michigan: 126% more pie orders

In the top slot? Nebraska. (These are our favorite Nebraska recipes.) Pretty much every region in the country is represented here.

One region you won’t find on the list? The South. It seems that people in these states prefer to bake their own treats. And when you’re working with these Southern pie recipes, who can blame ’em?

But wait…what kind of pie?

As part of its study, Grubhub also offered the most popular pie varieties:

  1. Apple pie: 191% more popular
  2. Mud pie and ice cream: 170% more popular
  3. Peanut butter pie: 30% more popular

Now the only question that remains: What kind of pie are you ordering tonight?

Pie Recipes from Across America
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