This Survey Shows Every State’s Favorite Holiday Cookie—Did It Get Yours Right?

Between dozens of different holiday cookies and bars, let's see what recipe came out on top!

It’s almost Christmas! While time seems to move just a little faster than when we were kids, the whole month of December can still feel like a total drag. And, whether or not you’re still in the middle of putting up those darn exterior decorations or trying to figure out what to make for Christmas dinner this year, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: Christmas cookies.

Yes, we all love a fresh, hot batch of cookies. But what is your favorite holiday cookie? Does it match up to your region’s favorite holiday cookie? Let’s find out.

The Cookie Combatants Are Set

From December 7-8 of this year, the good people over at YouGov decided to do a survey of 1,314 adults on America’s favorite holiday cookies. With 36 cookies and bars (yep, those count, too!) in the running, they matched up two desserts against each other and recorded the winner.

Overall, the top holiday cookie champ, winning 78% of their match-ups, went to none other than…chocolate chip cookies! Are we really that surprised, though? They’re classics, easy-pleasers and too delicious to ignore. Sugar cookies came in second, earning a whopping 64% of the popular vote, and fudge bars came in third winning 63%. I’m starting to get hungry!

Check Out the Stats Across the States

YouGov split the country into four regions: Northeast, Midwest, West and South. Here’s the turnout for each crumbly cookie in each region:


  1. Chocolate chip cookies (74%)
  2. Fudge (67%)
  3. Brookies (Brownie cookies) (65%)
  4. Butter cookies (62%)
  5. Double chocolate cookies (61%)


  1. Chocolate chip cookies (83%)
  2. Sugar cookies (72%)
  3. Shortbread cookies (65%)
  4. Brookies (65%)
  5. Peanut butter balls (64%)


  1. Chocolate chip cookies (78%)
  2. Butter cookies (65%)
  3. Sugar cookies (64%)
  4. M&M cookies (62%)
  5. Shortbread cookies (61%)


  1. Chocolate chip cookies (77%)
  2. Gingerbread cookies (68%)
  3. Fudge (66%)
  4. Peanut butter cookies or PB blossoms (65%)
  5. Sugar cookies (64%)

While I’m not surprised that chocolate chip cookies won first place in every region, I am surprised that gingerbread cookies only made it into the top five of the South. How could the Midwest betray me like that?!

As for the least favorite cookies during the holiday season, pfeffernusse (ground spice) cookies came in third to last at 31%, chai sugar cookies came in second to last at 30%, and anise cookies came in last at 29%. It takes a certain kind of palate to enjoy these, it seems, though we can’t help but crave a bite of each.

Do You Holiday Favorites Match Up?

Whether or not your favorite cookie matched up with your region’s, it’s important to remember what baking cookies really means this holiday season. Family traditions, togetherness and having fun while enjoying each other’s company. That’s what the holidays are all about! (And it doesn’t hurt to sneak an extra cookie or two on the side…)

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