Starbucks Has Reopened 90% of Its Stores Across the US

Starbucks has changed a lot throughout 2020—here's how.

Besides the virtual tours and hours upon hours of The Joy of Painting, we’ve been relying on fast-food delivery to get us through the day. We’re still kick-starting our mornings with a healthy dose of Starbucks, and as much as we love a latte delivered straight to our door, not all areas have that luxury. You may know Starbucks switched to to-go orders only and shut down some of their stores in highly trafficked locations, like campuses and malls.

As of June, Starbucks has reopened approximately 90% of its locations. Here’s what else is looking different at Starbucks right now.

What Changed?

In March, Starbucks announced it would be closing locations without a drive-thru window. The coffee giant is only doing delivery, pickup and drive-thru orders at the moment, and they’ve updated their cleaning regulations to keep everything sanitary between customer interactions. According to Business Insider, the plan was to reopen the closed locations and return to regular operations sometime in June, and Starbucks has done just that, opening roughly 90% of stores across the US.

On May 3, Starbucks did away with pay for workers who are healthy but don’t feel comfortable showing up in stores. If an employee prefers to stay at home for a while longer, they’re free to take sick days or vacation days. However, those who did continue to whip up espresso drinks in stores received a $3 pay bump all the way through May.

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Your Local Starbucks May Look Different Now

Starbucks is still following the health regulations suggested by the CDC, like taking advantage of delivery, pickup and drive-thru options. In July, Starbucks began requiring all customers to don face masks when entering the cafe (be it for ordering or pickup), and while customers can take a load off in some locations, seating is limited. Starbucks also stopped allowing customers to bring in their own cups, instead relying on the more practical disposable cups to minimize contact.

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