Starbucks Just Released Its Brand-New Valentine’s Day Cups and Tumblers for 2023

This Valentine's Day collection is a love letter from Starbucks.

While some of us are still poppin’ bottles in celebration of 2023, others are gearing up for Valentine’s Day. M&M’s just dropped the sweetest treats with some strawberry shake flavored candy, and we’re already eyeing our favorite recipes for Valentine’s Day desserts. Still, no one sings the song of love like the Starbucks siren.

New Starbucks Valentine’s Day cups are here, featuring the prettiest pink mugs and tumblers we need to get our hands on. Here’s what you should snag for your sweetheart this season of love.

Starbucks Valentine’s Day Cups Are Finally Here

Starbucks 2023 Valentines Day Tumbler Mug Dh TohCourtesy Starbucks

If you haven’t been to Starbucks lately, now’s the time to get in line. Already, regulars are spotting Starbucks Valentine’s Day cups and tumblers in all sorts of adorable designs. Dress up your latte in holiday hearts, flowers and glitter. In tradition with Valentine’s Day, each piece features pinks and reds galore!

Starbucks employees usually get first dibs on new merchandise. Here’s what else Starbucks employees aren’t telling you.

Here’s What to Look For

The Valentine’s Day collection has already been spotted across social media by multiple users. Way ahead of Valentine’s Day on Jan. 1, @my.starbucks.addiction shared an Instagram post of these snazzy bright pink bejeweled Valentine’s Day tumblers.

And @targetpursuit shared a few more Valentine’s Day pieces amongst Starbucks’ latest collections—we can’t get over these cute hearts!

TikTok user @targetovereverything also dropped a video that shows off a mix of the Starbucks Valentine’s Day, Winter and Lunar New Year cups! We need some of those adorable floral mugs ASAP. And we’re completely obsessed, to say the least.

FYI: Venti Starbucks lattes actually don’t have more caffeine.

But They Won’t Be Around for Long

Starbucks shoppers know that holiday mugs disappear in a flash, so avoid heartbreak by stopping at your location ASAP. Some Starbucks cafes may not have them in stock just yet, so be sure to check back regularly. If you have someone on the inside, you may even claim yours before anyone else. You might also be able to grab Starbucks Valentine’s Day cups and tumblers at your local Target.

As an added bonus, if you bring your Starbucks reusable cups in-store you can receive 10 cents off a beverage and 25 additional stars on the Starbucks Rewards app. Which may be a relief, with the new Starbucks Rewards program changes.

Not only do you have these mugs to look forward to, but Starbucks should be releasing its Valentine’s Day drinks in the coming weeks. Expect lots of chocolate, and Starbucks workers will be more than happy to scribble down a note for your sweetheart. Is there anything better on Valentine’s Day than a Cherry Mocha in a mug fit for Cupid? We don’t think so.

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