Starbucks Has a Teacher-Inspired Tumbler Complete with a Pencil Straw

Starbucks has a new teacher-inspired tumbler that's too cute.

While you pick up your pick-me-up at Starbucks, you might notice some shiny new items lining the merch wall. Starbucks has been rolling out the cutest new mugs, tumblers and more, all for your shopping pleasure while your go-to latte is brewing away. We’ve all been through some tough times, so why not treat yourself to an iridescent tumbler or color-changing Starbucks cup?

Starbucks just rolled out yet another new tumbler, and it’s pretty much a love letter to all the hard-working teachers out there.

Here’s a Tumbler That’s Perfect for Teachers

Starbucks’ ode to teachers comes in the form of the cutest cold cup. It’s 24 ounces, which is big enough to hold a Venti size of whatever you like (a Cap’n Crunch Frappuccino, perhaps?), wrapped in notebook paper and topped off with a straw that looks like a pencil. There’s no better way to say “thank you” to the teacher in your life than with this adorable keepsake.

The too-cute tumbler made its debut on Instagram, courtesy of @SweetandPetiteTeacher, who couldn’t wait to, well, share with the class.

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Here I am telling you all again to RUN but this time to @starbucks because they just released their limited edition teacher tumbler!!! The outside of it resembles lined paper and the straw is a #2 pencil with the pink eraser at the very top ✏️ and I’m over here like I ran as fast as I could and I got me one I will say that they’re not at all the Starbucks locations. They sell these babies at the Starbucks that are inside @target and other stores. And it’s 24 oz so it has allll the space for tons of water. Go run and TREAT YOSELF GIRL! (or guy) Tag a teacher friend who would LOVE one of these! . . #starbuckstumbler #teachertumbler #starbuckscups #targetteachers #teachersofinstagram #starbucksteacher #starbucks

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If your favorite teacher prefers hot drinks, Starbucks also released teacher-inspired mugs and travelers, perfect for the educator on the go. @Starbucks_Tumblers_Cali couldn’t help but share this snap of our favorite new line, and we instantly fell in love.

Snap up the rest of this Starbucks spring merch before it’s gone.

Get Yours ASAP!

If you’re already on your way to Starbucks for your to-go order, this tumbler makes the trip so worth it. While we don’t have a price for the tumbler yet, they typically range somewhere between $20 and $30. That’s a small price to pay to show your appreciation to a teacher before the school year ends.

Keep in mind, though, that Starbucks is not currently accepting reusable cups. You’ll have to keep this guy at home for the time being, but there’s no shame in making a simple iced coffee at home. We know that’s what we’ll be doing!

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