Starbucks Is Making Its “Sippy Cup” Lids Permanent at All U.S. Stores

Starbucks is officially going strawless.

Back in 2018 (which seems like at least ten years ago), Starbucks set a goal: it wanted to replace straws with “sippy cup” lids in 2020. Now, it seems like they’re going to reach that benchmark! Starbucks has announced that for cold drinks, strawless lids will be the new standard in the United States and Canada.

What Drinks Will Use the New Lid?

In a press release, Starbucks said it’ll be using these new strawless lids on iced coffee, tea, espresso and Starbucks Refreshers beverages (like this secret menu Caramel Apple Refresher) from here on out. With that said, drinks with whipped cream will continue to use the domed lid, and straws will be available for customers who request them.

Since Halloween’s coming up, now’s the perfect time to head to your local Starbucks for a Jack Skellington Frappuccino. It’s a treat fit for the Pumpkin King!

It’s All About Environmental Impact

Or rather, it’s about having less of an impact on the environment. Starbucks has been testing strawless lids for the past year, and since people like them, they’ll be making the change permanent.

Starbucks opted to make the switch from straws to sippy cup lids to cut back on plastic usage. The new lids use 9% less plastic than the old straw-and-flat-lid approach. Oh, and unlike straws, these lids are recyclable! That’s good news.

Here’s a list of delightful, fall-themed secret menu drinks for your next trip to Starbucks—and if you’re intimidated by ordering process, this piece explains how to order from the secret menu.

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