The One Starbucks Where They’ll Never Ask Your Name

No more botched spellings.

For people with easy names, ordering at Starbucks is probably a breeze. If your name is the slightest bit complicated, you can bet that it will be written on your cup as a jumbled mess of letters. (Life tip: To minimize the spelling disasters, get a Starbucks alias, like Meg or Tom.)
Fortunately, there’s one Starbucks location where the baristas will never screw up a spelling. It’s not because they’re all spelling bee champions—they’re simply not allowed to ask your name. The reason has something to do with the coffee shop’s location: the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

This Starbucks is known as “Store Number 1,” and it’s the only store out of 20,000 that will never ask you for your name with your drink order. The nine baristas who work there had to undergo serious background checks before getting those signature green aprons. Because they can’t pair each order with a name, they have to associate it with a face instead. It might seem difficult, but after a while, the baristas learn a customer’s usual drink order. (Here’s hoping those java lovers know about the one drink you should never order at Starbucks.)

Before you head to Virginia to get a latte sans the spelling fails, we should tell you: You can’t just stroll into the CIA headquarters. Every person has to get a security clearance. And if a coffee fix is your only reason for being in the CIA headquarters, you won’t be getting in.

There is good news, though: You are allowed in the world’s only Starbucks to serve this exclusive, off-the-menu drink.


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Originally Published on Reader's Digest