Starbucks Japan Is Selling Absolutely Gorgeous Merch for Cherry Blossom Season

It's spring at Starbucks right now!

In the States, spring means daffodils in your yard and rhubarb in your garden. In Japan, cherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring. The country takes cherry blossom season seriously and now Starbucks has taken cherry blossom mania to new heights.

Starbucks Japan rolled out the most beautiful products we’ve ever seen!

What’s in the Starbucks Cherry Blossom Collection?

Starbucks Japan has tumblers and mugs in pretty shades of pink and baby blue decorated with a subtle cherry blossom motif. You can also see reusable cotton gift bags, stationary and notepads, as well as furoshiki, which are traditional wrapping cloths. Who wouldn’t want this beautiful Starbucks cherry blossom merch?

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Collection 2021via Starbucks Asia

That’s not all, though. Starbucks Japan has also whipped up beverages to commemorate sakura, aka cherry blossom season.

Sakura Fuwari Berry Frappuccino

First up is the Sakura Fuwari Berry Frappuccino, a creamy blend of cherry blossom strawberry sauce and a tart raspberry panna cotta. The fluffy drink is topped with whipped cream, dried strawberries and vanilla sponge cake crumbles, which sounds like a smooth, fruity delight.

Sakura Fuwari Berry Milk Latte

Next is the Sakura Fuwari Berry Milk Latte. It blends steamed milk and cherry blossom strawberry sauce into a beverage that looks and tastes like a spring dream.

Can We Find This in the US?

We don’t have access to Japan’s cherry blossom collection right now. But we did recently get new pink Starbucks merch of our own, and all of the hearts, flowers and glitter fill us with joy.

Even though we can only dream about the sakura drinks in Japan, Starbucks rolled out its 2021 spring menu here last month. We’re already sold on the new Honey Oatmilk Latte. If you have your heart set on a beverage the color of cherry blossoms, there’s always the colorful Pink Drink!

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