Starbucks Is Selling the CUTEST Disney Holiday Tumbler Right Now

You know Mickey and Minnie would have their Disney coffee in cups like this every morning!

The spooky atmosphere of Halloween may be coming to a close, but that only means the jolly holiday season is right around the corner! And what better way to celebrate the holidays than with some adorable new Starbucks merch? We already shared a sneak peek of the 2020 Starbucks holiday line, but we know there’s more coming as December draws ever closer.

Let’s start off with this amazing new Starbucks holiday tumbler that has a Christmas-themed map of Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

It’s the Cutest Cup of the Season

The Starbucks fall menu will still be around for a little while longer, but prepare yourself for the minty-ness of winter. We love the Starbucks holiday menu just as much as we love the fall menu, and we most definitely love the holiday merch.

This new ceramic tumbler that Starbucks has released has been totally Disney-fied…and it’s incredible. While we may not be able to visit Disney this year, this cup gives us the feeling that we’re all there in spirit. The super sweet design showcases a jolly candy red, green and blue mini map of the Magic Kingdom. You’ll find such locations as Cinderella’s Castle in the middle, It’s a Small World up in the left corner and the “Jingle” Cruise to the bottom right (you know…like Jungle Cruise).

The illustrations are absolutely charming, and it makes us miss the magic every day. “Happy Holidays” is scrawled across the top center, giving us that warm, fuzzy feeling we know so well. Man…is it Christmas yet?

You Know You Need One

It seems Starbucks has an entire line of these Disney-themed tumblers, including maps for Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. People first stopped them around the end of October at Disney World, and it seems that’s the only place to get them right now. Big sad. If you’re able to snag one, though, they go for $24.99 each. Happy holidays!

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