The DoorDash and Starbucks Partnership Is Expanding—Here’s What You Need to Know

A larger market means more delicious coffee for all of us!

With all that chilly weather in tow, it’s hard not to grab a hot Pistachio Latte from the Starbucks winter menu in the morning before work. But even though we all need a little pick-me-up at the start of the day, we don’t always have time to stop. DoorDash and Starbucks decided they wanted to step in and help by launching a pilot program for coffee delivery in Atlanta, Houston and Sacramento and later in Seattle, Portland and New York City. And yes, it was a major hit. We knew it would be!

Now the DoorDash and Starbucks partnership is expanding, and it could be coming to your hometown this year.

You’ll Be Able to DoorDash Starbucks Nationwide

We’re living in a time of unimaginable convenience. Years ago, I remember thinking to myself, “What if we could have fast food delivered to us one day?” And poof…it happened! With the amazing success of food delivery services worldwide, it was only a matter of time before Starbucks decided to kick it into high gear with DoorDash, one of the most popular services to date.

The pilot service was a grand success last year. Due to this, the two companies decided to fully expand its services nationwide. “Delivery continues to represent a significant growth opportunity for Starbucks, and we’re excited to reach more customers by partnering with DoorDash, a company known for their best-in-class service,” said Brooke O’Berry, Starbucks’ senior vice president of digital experiences. “Our partnership with DoorDash allows us to provide our customers with another convenient way to enjoy Starbucks wherever they are.”

Starbucks has even taken it upon itself to deliver everything as freshly as possible with the help of DoorDash’s speedy transport. They’ll even be offering 95% of their core menu with customizations available, much like the Starbucks mobile app. You’ll be able to create as many Starbucks secret menu items as you can fathom. And with a DoorDash subscription, there is a $0 delivery fee on all Starbucks orders of $12 or more.

Here’s how to order from all your favorite fast-food restaurants.

When Can I DoorDash Starbucks?

The nationwide service is set to launch in March 2023 across all 50 states. While that seems far, far away, we promise it’s just around the corner. Until then, why not pick up some Starbucks with your Target curbside order? Ah, what a time to be alive!

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