Starbucks Cookie Straws Are the Perfect Way to Enjoy Holiday Drinks

Starbucks cookie straws are upping the ante this year, with holiday-themed packaging and a pumpkin spice flavor.

When Starbucks debuted the original Frappuccino cookie straw, it was a genius invention. The crunchy, chocolaty Starbucks cookie straws are the perfect way to drink the frozen treats. And eating the cookie is the perfect way to finish off your drink of choice. But this year, Starbucks is upping the ante with holiday-packaged cookie straws, as well as pumpkin spice cookie straws for fall lovers. And you don’t even have to go to a Starbucks location to get them.

What are the flavors?

Right now, it looks like the cookie straws come in two options: chocolate ganache and pumpkin spice. The holiday-themed cookie straws are the original chocolate flavor but sold in a festive tin.

The pumpkin spice Starbucks cookie straws, meanwhile, have a white chocolate filling, along with the fall-ready flavor of pumpkin spice—perfect for sipping the classic PSL.

Check out what we thought of some of the most popular pumpkin spice lattes—Starbucks included.

When will they be available?

Great news! Both the holiday cookie straws and the pumpkin spice cookie straws are for sale right now. So whether you’re someone who can’t wait for Christmas and wants the holiday edition or you’re savoring the fall season and want more pumpkin spice treats, there’s a cookie straw option for you. In addition to Amazon, the holiday cookie straws are available from both Sam’s Club and Walmart, so there are plenty of ways to get your chocolate fix.

And while the cookie straws were originally intended to be paired with Frappuccinos, they sound like they’d be perfect for any at-home drink, too. The chocolate holiday straws, for instance, would pair perfectly with this holiday peppermint mocha.

Whatever your holiday drink of choice is, it’s probably way more fun to drink it out of a cookie straw. The treats would pep up any holiday party, or just make your afternoon break a little more exciting. ‘Tis the season, after all!

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