This Is How to Order a Secret Chocolate-Drizzled Strawberry Frappuccino at Starbucks

This Valentine's Day Frappuccino is sweeter than a box of chocolates.

We’re closing in on Valentine’s Day—can you believe it’s less than a month away?—and everyone’s rolling out the sweetest treats fit for your true love.

Starbucks is releasing red velvet treats just in time for the season of love, but there’s one thing missing. It’s a Starbucks Frappuccino, of course!

Dedicated Starbucks fans are sweetening up the holiday with a new creation. Chocolate drizzle and succulent strawberry come together in this Valentine’s Day Frappuccino straight off the Starbucks secret menu.

How to Order the Valentine’s Day Frappuccino

This unofficial Valentine’s Day Frappuccino was first shared on Instagram by dedicated foodie @TotallytheBombDotCom. No one could get over the rosy strawberry swirls and rich chocolate topping.

So how exactly do you order it? It’s pretty simple. Begin by ordering a Strawberry Frappuccino, but substitute the ol’ standard whole milk for sweet cream.

Editor’s Tip: Substituting milk for heavy whipping cream or sweet cream makes for a much thicker Frappuccino with enhanced sweetness, though there is an upcharge.

The original Strawberry Frappuccino already comes with strawberry puree poured into the bottom of the cup. Next, ask for some mocha drizzle before and after the whipped cream, so the chocolate mingles with the beverage for an extra swirl of flavor. Last but not least, top it all off with a single dehydrated strawberry—or maybe two, if you’re really feeling the love in the air.

Did you get your hands on the new Starbucks Valentine’s Day cups?

This Isn’t a Limited-Time Offer

This Valentine’s Day Frappuccino isn’t just a one-time thing. All the ingredients that go into it are available at Starbucks year-round, so there’s no real rush to head in for one during the holiday. One thing to keep in mind is that this Frappuccino will likely be more expensive because of the add-ins.

Also, think of the barista when ordering. Secret menu drinks tend to take the maximum amount of effort, and baristas aren’t trained on the secret menu. Make sure you have the recipe ready, and if the store’s working through a rush, wait for next time. Don’t forget to consult our complete guide to ordering off the Starbucks secret menu.

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