Starbucks Just Dropped New Cold Brew Drinks Loaded with Almond Milk Foam

It's the perfect time of year for Starbucks cold brew!

For millions of people around the world, including me, coffee is a morning essential. I love a simple latte, but I’m always looking for the new, amazing thing. When it comes to my caffeinated concoctions, stronger is better. I’ve fallen in love with nitros and cold brews at every coffee shop I come across.

Now, Starbucks is releasing not one, but two new cold drinks for summer, and I’m ecstatic!

Hello, Cold Brew with Cinnamon or Dark Cocoa Almond Milk Foam!

I love Starbucks so much because they’re always trying something fresh. (Plus, they’ll always have a special place in my heart for creating the S’mores Frappuccino.) This summer, Starbucks is adding to their cold brew lineup.

The Cinnamon Almond Milk Cold Foam includes cinnamon and vanilla syrup and sits proudly atop Starbucks’ signature Cold Brew. The Dark Cocoa Almond Milk Cold Foam is made with cocoa powder and mocha sauce. Both options are dairy-free, which seems to be more popular each day.

If you’ve never had a cold foam cold brew drink from Starbucks, that first sip is like drinking a cloud. It’s pretty magical.

I’ll be ordering a Cold Brew with the Cinnamon Almond Milk Foam, but that Dark Cocoa drink is bound to make a chocolate lover’s heart go pitter-patter.

There’s Also a Brand New Breakfast Sandwich

Starbucks is also building up their breakfast roster with an all-new sandwich. The Impossible Breakfast Sandwich is Starbucks’ very first plant-based sandwich loaded with Impossible Sausage (inspired by the Impossible Burger, of course), cage-free egg and aged cheddar cheese. The whole thing is topped off with an oh, so crunchy artisanal ciabatta bread. Yum!

Starbucks Impossible breakfast sandwichCourtesy Starbucks

Time to Schedule a Stop at the Drive-Thru

Both drinks and the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich are available right now! We’re not sure if these items will only be available for a limited time, so we’re not taking any chances. Grab one up in the morning for a treat or a pick-me-up. Your future self will thank you.

You Can Be a Starbucks Barista at Home, Too
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