Stanley Tucci Is Hosting a Culinary Travel Show on CNN, and It’s Our Next TV Obsession

You can travel to Italy with Stanley Tucci!

If you’ve ever wanted to eat scrumptious pasta or sip flavorful wines in the Italian countryside, now you can—by living vicariously through Stanley Tucci.

A new CNN docuseries will see the actor travel to the country world-renowned for its rich cuisine, and he’ll explore both its history and its wide variety of tasty treats. Take us with you, Stanley!

What’s the Show About?

The four-episode series, titled Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, sounds like it’s going to feature plenty of pasta and food-related learning—and who doesn’t love both of those things? According to Deadline, ‘Tucc will travel to different regions to not only sample pasta and wine, but also to examine the history of certain places. He’ll visit Florence, Rome, Sicily and Milan.

For his part, Tucci seems plenty excited to embark on this delectable journey with CNN. In a quote to Deadline, he said, “I wanted to do this series because I am fascinated by the diversity of Italian cuisine and set out to gain a better understanding of the country’s rich history and culture. This was a passion project and love letter to the place where my family is from.”

If you’re also feeling inspired by that famous boot-shaped country, take a look at our recipes for old-world Italian food.

Who’s Stanley Tucci?

You might not be familiar with his name, but you’ve definitely seen Tucci’s face. He’s starred in megahit franchises like The Hunger Games and longtime favorites like The Devil Wears Prada. He’s also won a couple of Emmys and several Golden Globes for his small-screen work.

If the myriad of film credits and awards to Tucci’s name don’t ring a bell, perhaps you’re familiar with his culinary endeavors. Tucci served as co-owner for a restaurant in New York, and he’s written a few cookbooks, too.

His film Long Night combined the best of both worlds; in telling the story of immigrant brothers who open a restaurant in New Jersey, it makes use of Tucci’s cooking expertise and earned him several awards. If you’re searching for more culinary cinema, check out our list of food movies that’ll make you want to cook.

How Can I Watch It?

Since the news just broke last week, this project is definitely still in production. CNN hasn’t even released a premiere date yet. (Yeah, we’re bummed, too). It’s a safe bet that when it premieres, you’ll be able to catch it on CNN.

In the meantime, our list of food shows to binge-watch on Netflix should keep you plenty busy until you can travel to Italy with Tucci.

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