Peeps Will Have FOUR Spooky Halloween Treats for Us This Fall

This year's Halloween Peeps are so adorable, it's scary.

Can you believe trick-or-treat season is upon us? Neither can we! But we’re so excited because Peeps just announced four Halloween marshmallows that will be launching (or re-launching) soon.

Whether you love ’em or would prefer other treats like this in your candy bag, the sugar-coated marshmallows are a classic all-American confection. Let’s see what Halloween Peeps are in store.

The Halloween Peeps Lineup for 2019

Marshmallow Pumpkins

The classic jack-o’-lantern-shaped are back! Find the orange-sugared marshmallows in packs of 24. Prefer the flavor of actual pumpkin? These recipes are perfect for Halloween.

Marshmallow Spooky Cats

These sweet felines—complete with eyes, noses and whiskers—are covered in deep purple sugar. Don’t worry about being cursed with bad luck if one of these crosses your path, though. The cats can be purchased in packs of 12.

Marshmallow Monsters

The bright green gems resemble Frankenstein’s monster, featuring a forehead scar and a kind, un-scary face. You can get ’em in 9-packs to share or devour alone. They’re the perfect addition to a monster-themed Halloween party.

Marshmallow Ghosts

These haunting spirit-shaped characters are the friendly kind. They will be available in packs of 9. Boo! Pair with other ghostly treats.

When and Where to Find Them

The seasonal Peeps will hit retailers nationwide sometime in late summer or early fall. Expect to see Halloween Peeps when other Halloween candy, costumes and decor fills the aisles.

What Can I Do with Halloween Peeps?

The Peeps aren’t individually wrapped, so you probably won’t be able to hand them out to trick-or-treaters. But Peeps can be used in a variety of quick and simple dessert recipes. To name a few:

  • Brew up a batch of Ghostly Hot Cocoa for chilly fall nights.
  • S’mores. Enough said!
  • Dip the Peeps in melted chocolate and let cool for an extra sweet treat. (Bonus: Place them on a skewer to make a fun lollipop or kabob.)
  • Make colorful Halloween cereal treats.

The Peeps will also look good on the table as part of your festive Halloween holiday decor!

Use Your Peeps to Top a Spooktacular Cupcake
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