How to Make Spectacular Spooky Baskets for Halloween 2022

Fill each spooky basket with candy, homemade snacks and toys for the perfect Halloween treat!

For kids, hunting for an Easter basket is a beloved tradition. What could be better than a basket of treats from the Easter Bunny himself? Well, I have one idea. How about a spooky basket?

What Is a Spooky Basket?

Think Easter basket, but Halloween-themed, and you’ve got a spooky basket on your hands. The baskets have been popping up on Instagram and blogs, filled with all sorts of treats for kids, friends, partners and even pets.

Most people are picking jack-o’-lantern pumpkin baskets, but you can even use a simple wire basket, as long as it’s filled with the good stuff. And if you’re worried about sending your kids out to trick-or-treat this year, this can be a great alternative to make at home.

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Our Best Spooky Basket Ideas

First things first—candy, of course! There’s plenty of Halloween-themed candy out there this season, ranging from Reese’s Pumpkins for peanut butter lovers, to Salted Caramel Twix and even Nerds Candy Corn.

Mix it up with some savory snacks—they don’t even need to be Halloween-themed. You can add packs of Cheetos, Goldfish or anything else orange your kids might love. You can also opt for some healthy snacks to balance things out.

Plenty of parents add non-food things like books and cozy fall wear. Think fuzzy socks, hats, cute Halloween-themed t-shirts and even pajamas that they can curl up in while eating all that candy. If you have older kids, add a touch of pop culture by sprinkling in some Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown merch.

Just FYI, a spooky basket doesn’t need to be limited to kids. You can make one for adults, too! Keep the candy and snacks, and add some pampering goodies from the new Bath & Body Works Halloween collection or indulgent but spooky hot cocoa bombs. Then you’re all set to snuggle up on Halloween!

Halloween Treats for Your Spooky Basket
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