New Bags of Sour Patch Kids Let You Choose Just Red or Just Blue

Fans of red or blue Sour Patch Kids, this is just for you.

When I was in middle school, my friend and I would buy packs of Sour Patch Kids from the vending machine. Then, we would trade away all the orange and yellow ones. She would eat all the green ones, and I would snack on the red ones. So when it comes to the new Sour Patch Kids bags of Just Red or Just Blue, you can guess which side I’ll pick!

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Wait, Just Red and Just Blue?

You heard that right! If your preferred flavor is either redberry (which might be cherry?) or blue raspberry, then you’re in luck. Sour Patch Kids is now selling exclusively red or blue bags of their famous sour chewy candy! If you’re tired of sorting through bags of Sour Patch Kids to dig out the red and blue ones, this is perfect for you.

Unfortunately, if you prefer yellow, green or orange Sour Patch Kids, you’ll have to stick to their regular mix. Still, we haven’t been this excited for a new Sour Patch Kids product since they released their own candy corn for Halloween.

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Where Can I Get a Bag?

You can find Just Red and Just Blue Sour Patch Kids at select 7-Eleven stores. That might making finding a bag tough, because not everyone has a 7-Eleven around the corner. Hopefully the Just Red and Just Blue bags will end up on Amazon, though.

The candy is only being sold at 7-Eleven for a “limited time,” so remember to grab a bag next time you’re out running errands. Pick up a Sour Patch Kids Slurpee while you’re there, too. Be prepared with things 7-Eleven never told you about the Slurpee.

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