Sonic Is Making Brownie Batter AND Cake Batter Shakes for Summer 2020

No need to break out whisks and mixing bowls for this dessert!

If you’re into baking (or have someone you live with that is), you’ll understand that trying not to eat the entire bowl of brownie batter can be a total struggle. I once turned a batch of 24 fudge brownies into 12 because I couldn’t stop tasting the batter to make sure it was “just right.”

Now imagine my excitement when I heard about Sonic’s summer menu. Hint: I’m already placing an order for the Brownie Batter Shake!

What’s on the Menu at Sonic This Summer?

Sonic has always known how to serve up some good ice cream. Not too long ago, they treated us to this iconic Reese’s ice cream, and we’re forever thankful. What’s next? Brownie Batter! This new milkshake is a hand-spun classic, made with vanilla ice cream and delectable, chocolate brownie batter swirled together. I might order two the next time I’m there because one will not suffice.

Sonic also brought back its Yellow Cake Batter shake! The fan favorite milkshake that was introduced last year is back in town and ready to rock your summer. Much like its Brownie Batter counterpart, this shake is made with 100% real vanilla ice cream and indulgent yellow cake batter for the perfect dessert. Their shakes are always hand-mixed and made with care, and we’re totally grateful.

Psst: See what’s on the secret menu at Sonic.

How Long Will the Shakes Be at Sonic?

These sweet treats will only be around until August 2, so take a trip to your local Sonic ASAP to get your hands on one (or both)! We definitely recommend trying both because, well, why wouldn’t you? Sonic is also practicing contactless ordering through their Sonic App for safety and convenience, so you can order from the comfort of your car.

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