The Sneaky Way You’re Not Using Your Slow Cooker—Yet

Hint: You won't need to keep the slow cooker in the kitchen.

Slow cookers make trying new recipes a breeze. Just toss everything in, set it and forget it. Although there are many different foods you can cook with a slow cooker, there are also quite a few unique non-food uses for slow cookers that are pretty mind-blowing.

One way you’re probably not using your slow cooker is as a humidifier. It’s a simple process and quick way to freshen up the air in your home. Boiling or simmering the water adds moisture to the air since the liquid evaporates and steam or vapor releases.

How to use a slow cooker as a humidifier:

  1. Start with a fresh, clean slow cooker. Place it wherever you want to freshen up the air.
  2. Fill the crock with fresh water and cover it with the lid. Set it on “high.” (Opting for the high setting is key. Using the wrong one is one of the slow cooker mistakes you’re probably making.)
  3. When you see steam rolling off the slow cooker, take the lid off and turn it on low.
  4. Add essential oils if you want to spice things up. Otherwise, simply top with more water as necessary.

Keeping your slow cooker in your bedroom is one of the easy ways to fight dry winter skin. (You could also try this coconut oil moisturizer). And humidifier benefits aren’t only for the cold weather, either. They can reduce snoring, keep your skin and hair moist and reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, according to Medical News Today. Thankfully, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy one with this easy hack.

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Originally Published on Reader's Digest