These Slow Cooker Liners Make Kitchen Cleanup a Breeze

From mouthwatering roasts to luscious cheesecakes, is there anything your slow cooker can't do? Well, we have yet to find one that can clean itself! Luckily, these slow cooker liners make the job easy.

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After making a melty mess with your famous slow-cooker mac and cheese, you’ve probably told yourself, “The insert just needs to soak overnight.” But thanks to slow cooker liners, you no longer have to donate counter space for an entire day before you can scrub everything clean. This simple hack does all of the cleanup for you!

Behold, Slow Cooker Liners!

These not-so-ordinary plastic bags could ultimately change the way you cook forever. By using slow cooker liners, you’ll turn cleanup into a 5-second process. Picture this: After your next party, you’re just about ready to head up to bed when you turn to see a slow cooker with the remnants of that delicious cheddar bacon dip. Well, boo. Instead of bringing out the big guns to scrape off every bit of dried cheese, you can simply remove the liner, throw it away and hit the sack. That’s it!

But isn’t cooking with plastic bad for you?

You’re in the clear: The Food and Drug Administration has approved slow cooker liners. They’re BPA-free and they don’t affect the flavor of your food. Made of heavy-duty plastic, these liners are designed to withstand hot temperatures and long cook times, much like parchment paper. So, please don’t reach for just any plastic bag!

Psst! If you’ve jumped onto the air frying craze, we have good news for you! Air fryer liners are also available.

Where can you buy slow cooker liners?

Reynolds Wrap Crock Pot LinersVia Merchant

If you’re eager to try this cooking hack, you’ll be able to make no-hassle dishes morning, noon and night (like these easy slow cooker recipes prepped in just 15 minutes!). So, try a liner and spend less time over the sink scrubbing. After all, the whole point of using your slow cooker is to save time and relax!  Slow cooker liners are for sale at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get slow cooking!
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