This Slick Paper Towel Holder Doubles as a Spray Pump for Quick Cleanups

Updated: Nov. 28, 2023

Just fill it with your favorite liquid cleaner, and you'll always be ready for spills.

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We’re always on the hunt for the best cleaning products that make life easier (hi, The Pink Stuff!). So when we discovered an all-in-one paper towel holder that saves space and makes cleaning a breeze, it was love at first sight. At first glance, the Simplehuman paper towel holder looks like any other ordinary one on the market—but it’s anything but typical. Sure, it still holds a full roll of paper towels, but hidden inside the center rod is its superpower—or rather, a slender spray pump full of cleaning solution.

With the Simplehuman paper towel pump there’s no need to hide that bottle of kitchen cleaner behind your utensil holder or find a place to stash it in the crowded cabinet beneath the sink. Now you can keep your kitchen spray cleaner and paper towels in one place without taking up additional space on your counter.

What is the Simplehuman paper towel pump?

Paper Towel Pumpvia merchant

The Simplehuman paper towel pump has a sleek design, but the real beauty is on the inside. The rod that the paper towel roll slides doubles as a narrow spray bottle to fill with multi-purpose cleaning solution.

There’s a lot to love about the convenient kitchen cleaning duo, but we especially love that it comes in four attractive finishes—white, bronze, matte black and brushed (aka silver). It fits various kitchen decors, whether you prefer rustic farmhouse or modern all-black touches. This paper towel holder can’t help but to stand out with its clever design.

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Product Features

  • Sleek multi-purpose kitchen cleaning gadget that saves space
  • Includes a sleek spray bottle that holds cleaning solution
  • Spray bottle has a handy finger loop
  • Tension rod makes for easy, one-hand tearing
  • Available in white, bronze, matte black and silver

How to Use the Simplehuman Paper Towel Pump

Before you slide on that paper towel roll, you’ll first want to activate the real magic behind the Simplehuman paper towel pump. The hidden spray bottle holds up to 6 ounces of liquid cleaner. Need a spritz to clean up a mess in the kitchen? Just take hold of the loop at the top to pull out the spray bottle.

You can fill the bottle with whatever product you like, but we love Simplehuman’s multi-surface cleaning tablets that come in fresh scents like geranium, watermint lavender and citrus grapefruit. These eco-friendly cleaning tablets score major bonus points by reducing plastic waste. Simply fill the bottle with water, drop a tab in and watch it dissolve to create a powerful, yet non-toxic, cleaning product.

To load a roll of paper towels, pull back the tension arm on the side, slide a full roll of paper towels onto the spray bottle insert, then let the arm hold the roll in place. It holds any full roll of paper towels, but we like Simplehuman’s jumbo paper towel rolls, which is made from 90% recycled materials. They’re made especially for the Simplehuman paper towel holder with perforations that are designed for easy, one-handed tearing.

Want to see it all in action? Check out this TikTok unboxing video from @roxxsteadyy.

The Best User Reviews

We’re not the only ones who love this kitchen cleaning game changer. Here’s what shoppers have to say:

“This thing is awesome,” shares five-star reviewer, Ken S. “Keeps the paper towels from unraveling and, with a simple push of the handle, you have your cleaning agent. Another push of the handle to replace the spray bottle and you have a carry handle again.”

“This is the best thing we have purchased in a year,” adds Tammy M., another five-star reviewer. “It is something so simple that makes life easier. The smoothness of the mechanism for the pump is unbelievable. Plus, adding the citrus tablets to the water pump makes cleaning smell great. Something we will have the rest of our lives.”

Where to Buy the Simplehuman Paper Towel Pump

 Paper Towel Pump via merchant

The paper towel pump is available on the Simplehuman website for $80. We recommend snagging the multi-surface cleaning tablets, too. They’re eco-friendly and a breeze to use with the paper towel holder. Seriously, you’ll thank yourself for investing in this genius gadget when counter spills occur—which is a lot. Just spritz and wipe away!

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