Sam’s Club Is Now Selling a 3-Tier Unicorn Cake and We’re Loving It

Three tiers of magical, rainbow goodness all for under $70? We have to try this Sam's Club unicorn cake!

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We love Sam’s Club for its great bargains and bulk buys—all that money saving can seem like magic. But now Sam’s Club is offering up real magic in the form of a magnificent three-tier unicorn cake with a jaw-droppingly low price point—just $68.98.

This towering cake consists of three layers: a rainbow-striped base, a sprinkle-coated layer and then—the piece de resistance—an adorable unicorn with gold lashes, a curl of neon frosting and the trademark horn. Inside, you can customize this unicorn to your liking with either vanilla or chocolate cake.

If the looks aren’t enough to encourage you to make a visit to your local Sam’s Club, maybe the fact that it serves 66 people will! That’s right—for less than $70 you can feed a few dozen friends at your next shindig. This comes out to just over a dollar per serving. Folks familiar with ordering cakes for weddings and parties are sure to recognize what a steal this is!

Now before you dash to Sam’s Club looking for the perfect centerpiece for your unicorn party, you’ll want to call ahead. These cakes are made to order, so make sure you plan accordingly. While you wait, maybe try Kellogg’s new unicorn cereal!

Get more rainbow sprinkles in your life.
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