Sam’s Club Plans to Open a Cashier-Less Grocery Store. Here’s How It Works

The new Sam's Club has no checkout lines. Seriously!

Sam’s Club is a great source for super savings on some bulk items, and there are already a ton of reasons to shop there. (Like all the tasty samples!) But here’s one more: There will be a members-only club in Dallas that will have shopping powered by a smartphone app. The new store is called Sam’s Club Now and it promises to change your shopping experience. Here’s what to expect:

No more checkout lines!

Scanning flowers on the Sam's Club appSam's Club

Instead of checking out with a cashier, shoppers at Sam’s Club Now will use the new Sam’s Club Now app to “scan” product barcodes, pay from your phone and skip the checkout. The app will also keep track of your shopping list. So as items are scanned, the list will update automatically.

Look for a Sam’s “concierge”

The absence of cashiers doesn’t mean an absence of customer service. Rather, Sam’s Club will have Member Hosts to help shoppers find items and otherwise make the shopping experience smooth.

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The store will be smaller

The Sam’s Club Now in Dallas will be only 32,000 square feet, roughly a quarter the size of an average club. The small-ish size will make it easier for Sam’s to test new technology, like electronic shelf labels that instantly update prices and cameras that help manage inventory.

You won’t have to ask for directions

Map on Sam's Club appSam's Club

Gone are the days of wondering where to find something! Member Hosts will be happy to help you find things, but the app will also have a map that sends you right to what you need. Eventually, Sam’s wants to use beacon technology and a member’s smart shopping list to map the best route through the club. How crazy is that?

For now, Sam’s Club Now plans to have only one location in Dallas. No word on whether the concept will be extended to other cities, but we’d love to have a store nearby!

ShhDid you know you can shop at Sam’s Club without a membership?

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