Sam’s Club Is Selling a Hostess Variety Pack with Mint Chocolate Twinkies and Holiday Cupcakes

Why shouldn't Twinkies be a holiday treat?

Hostess often comes through with limited edition treats, like the chocolate Twinkies and iced pumpkin cupcakes that debuted for Halloween. Then, Hostess gave us an early Christmas present with its Mint Chocolate Twinkies!

Now, Sam’s Club is selling a Hostess variety pack with two seasonal treats—those Mint Chocolate Twinkies and Holiday Cupcakes. Both are in one handy package at a very convenient price.

Here’s every secret you’ve ever wanted to know about Sam’s Club.

What’s in the Variety Pack?

Instagram account @samsclubmembers has the scoop for us. The Hostess variety pack contains 32 individually wrapped treats, 16 of each treat, so there won’t be any fighting over favorites. That means plenty of chocolate Twinkies filled with mint-flavored cream for everyone.

The Holiday Cupcakes are a twist on the usual Hostess cupcakes, filled with cream, frosted with more chocolate and finished with the signature white squiggle. But this version is made from yellow cake, stuffed with the classic cream and enrobed with white vanilla icing, then topped with red and green sprinkles—plus a bright green curlicue!

When Can I Get a Hostess Variety Pack?

You can pick one up in-store at Sam’s Club or on the Sam’s website right now, if you’re itching to put that membership card to work. The best part is that this 2-pound box costs only $6.98! At that price, you can afford to stock up and make Christmas last until New Year’s Day.

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