Sam’s Club Is Selling Edible Cookie Dough and It Sounds YUMMY

Best. Snack. EVER.

Does anyone else agree that eating the cookie dough is the best part of making cookies? It’s my favorite part when making these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. However, we all know that eating raw eggs could increase your risk of salmonella poisoning, so eating cookie dough is certainly a dangerous activity.

But what if there was an edible cookie dough free of this potential food-borne illness?

Luckily, there is a company who makes such a product—and it’s now available to purchase at Sam’s Club! The Cookie Dough Café makes numerous egg-free edible cookie dough flavors and sells them nationwide. Find out where it ranked in our edible cookie dough taste test.


Buy them in a pack of eight

Although this particular gourmet edible cookie dough brand sells different container sizes of their flavors, Sam’s Club is selling smaller snack-sized containers in a pack of eight. For just $8.98 you can snag eight 3.5 oz. Chocolate Chip cookie dough cups. The containers come with a tiny spoon, so they’re perfect for throwing in your lunchbox for an afternoon treat.

Sam’s Club isn’t the only store with the cookie dough magic

That’s right! You can find different flavors and sizes of The Cookie Dough Café products at numerous nationwide sellers including Walmart, Safeway, Kroger and even Hy-Vee! 7 Eleven also sells cookie dough for your road trip pit stop needs.

Looking at Sam’s Club website, it seems that the only cookie dough flavor they are currently selling is Chocolate Chip. However, at other stores, you can find even more flavors such as Oreo, Brownie Batter, Confetti, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Monster and “Naked Dough” which is simply the dough without the toppings. Naked Dough is also perfect for adding any toppings you like. Want raisins or nuts in your cookie dough? Snag the Naked Dough and add them yourself!

via @cookiedoughcafe/instagram
via @thecookiedoughcafe/instagram

These flavors come in different sizes compared to what’s seen at Sam’s Club. You can grab a single serving size (3.5 oz) and a sharing size (1 pint). Some stores are even selling packs of four snack-size containers, similar to your favorite pudding or Jello snacking cups.

Where you can buy them

Not near Sam’s Club? Looks like The Cookie Dough Café is all over! You can search your location in their store locator to see if there’s anyone selling this edible cookie dough near you.

Or, if you’re not close to a seller, why not make your own edible cookie dough? These Cookie Dough Truffles should do the trick!

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