We Tried to Buy the 9-Pound Tub of Cookies n’ Cream Frosting at Sam’s Club. Here’s What Happened.

We heard about the ready-made cookies n' cream frosting at Sam's Club and had to find out if the rumors were true.

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We love making our own frosting (and we’ve worked our way through these homemade delights). But we’re not gonna lie: The ready-made stuff is great in a pinch. We’re big fans of the 12-ounce cans of ready-to-spread icing that you can pick up at any grocery store, but when we heard about the 9-pound tubs of cookies n’ cream frosting—made with real Oreo pieces!—that some people have found at their local Sam’s Club, we got seriously excited. Like pulse-racing, heart-pounding excited.

Naturally, I headed immediately to my local Sam’s Club in Elmsford, New York. But when I arrived, there were no huge tubs of cookies n’ cream to be found. I worried: Could all this hoopla be nothing more than an urban legend? Or worse, some kind of cruel prank? (I was shopping pretty close to April Fool’s Day, after all.)

I talked to both the general store manager and the bakery manager, and neither seemed to have any knowledge of 9-pound tubs of cookies n’ cream frosting being available for public consumption. But I soon discovered they were holding out on me. Turns out many Sam’s Club locations sell enormous tubs of pre-made frosting. Some are private-labeled as “Sam’s” (such as this 13-pound behemoth of vanilla whipped icing) or Member’s Mark, (like this 18-pounder of cream cheese icing). Some tubs are Bettercreme brand, which is made by Rich’s Food Service.

At the time of this writing, the Elmsford Sam’s is selling 12-ounce tubes of the Bettercreme (which is a non-dairy icing, and therefore not a true buttercream). But what of this supposed 9-pound tub of cookies n’ cream icing that some claim to have found at their local Sam’s?

The Search Continues…

We made it this far! So we had to know A) whether this giant tub of cookies n’ cream frosting is real and B) where to find it, even if it’s not at Sam’s.

Here’s the good news: The frosting does exist and you can buy it wholesale here, thanks to Rich’s Food Service. This cookies n’ cream monster lasts 365 days in your freezer, or 14 days if refrigerated. We estimate that you could frost about 350 cupcakes!

You’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to hunt around for a Sam’s Club that sells this not-quite-mythical guilty pleasure, or if you’re better off making your own version—which you can easily do with this recipe for Cookies and Cream Cake. And if you’re looking for something even simpler, try these Chocolate Cookie Cupcakes and you’ll get your Oreo fix in under 40 minutes flat. Yum!

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