How to Order a Sally Frappuccino at Starbucks

You can order a Frappuccino inspired by Sally and Jack Skellington!

Regular Frappuccinos—and even plain Jane drip coffee—are fine by us, but sometimes you want your caffeine fix to be a little extra.

That’s where Starbucks’ secret menu comes in. You can get a little creative with drinks like the Churro Frappuccino, and if you really want to embrace fall, the Caramel Apple Refresher.

As we approach Halloween, though, it’s time to explore the dark side. We’ve shared how to order the Jack Skellington Frappuccino and the Frankenstein Frappuccino, and now there’s a new drink to add to your Halloween order: a Sally Frappuccino inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas!

How to Order a Sally Frappuccino

The recipe comes courtesy of Totally the Bomb, one of the best sources of Starbucks secret menu items around.

First, you start by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Then, ask for matcha powder to be blended in and caramel to be drizzled in the cup. The Sally Frappuccino isn’t complete until it gets topped with whipped cream and strawberry puree. The finishing touch is “strawberry inclusions,” aka freeze-dried strawberries.

The end result will be murky monster green, crowned with shocking red accents—like Sally’s hair!

If you’re really a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, you’ll also want to check out these Jack Skellington cookies and cake pops, too.

Be Prepared with the Recipe

While the Sally Frappuccino is perfect for Halloween, none of the ingredients that are used to make it are seasonal, so it’s something you can order all year. Don’t forget, whether you order at the drive-thru or in person, keep your barista (and fellow customers) in mind. Starbucks baristas aren’t trained on secret menu drinks, so have the recipe ready at the window or counter—or order ahead on the Starbucks app.

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