You Need to Make Coconut Water Ice Cubes for All Your Rum Drinks

You can use coconut water ice cubes to make the simplest drink for summer—it only has two ingredients.

As we get older, it seems like life just tends to get crazier and crazier. It’s hard trying to find a smidge of time to ourselves when we’re focused on family, friends, work and home.

But as summer slowly approaches and the sunshine blankets everything in sight, all I can think about is relaxing poolside. And what better to relax with than a delicious rum and coconut water? It’s a drink you absolutely need to try—and the secret is using coconut water ice cubes.

You can freeze all kinds of flavors into your ice cubes.

How to Make Coconut Water Ice Cubes

I’m a total sucker for anything coconut, and come on—can you blame me? This is super simple, too,

You’ll need two things:

Pour the coconut water into your ice cube tray. Let freeze for 3-4 hours.

Then, to make a coconut water rum drink, pop an ice cube into the glass of your choice and finish by pouring a splash of good, quality rum over the top. I’m talking premium rum here—like Mount Gay Black Barrel. The coconut ice will melt, offering a subtle tropical sweetness to your cold drink. Honestly, it’s the perfect thing to sip this summer if you ask me.

There are so many different summer cocktails to enjoy while you’re relaxing by the water or on the back porch. While I won’t say no to  a classic pina colada or margarita, this simple coconut water rum drink is the easy choice.

Just pour me a drink, hand me a pool float and I’m all set for the day!

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