This Is What Guests Will Eat at the Royal Wedding

When British and American cuisine come together, the royal wedding menu will never be the same.

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Oh, to dine like a royal. And to party like one! What a party it will be. On May 19th, beloved Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle will marry. Following the royal wedding ceremony, the couple has not one, but two receptions planned. Although not all of us can attend such a spectacular event, we can certainly look at the menu and dream, and try not to let our mouths water too much!

Say cheers with these very British menu items.

What’s on the menu?

The first reception at St. George’s Hall will be a more formal affair for all 600 guests of the wedding, hosted by none other than the Queen herself. Past menus show a seafood salad appetizer, followed by a heartier meat main and concluded with light dessert as a common coursing for royal weddings.

For example, guests at William and Catherine’s wedding lunch dined on South Uist salmon with Lyme Bay crab and Hebridean langoustines over an herb salad as a first course. The second course was Highland lamb, supplied by Prince Charles’ organic farm. Finally, for dessert, the couple offered a trio of Berkshire honey ice cream, sherry trifle, and chocolate parfait.

Meghan and Harry will most likely choose organic, locally-sourced ingredients for their menu. Perhaps even an organic roast chicken will make an appearance—the couple was engaged after dining on a roast chicken Prince Harry cooked for Meghan. But you won’t believe what the couple is planning to serve at the after-party.

Casual canapés

For the second reception held at Frogmore house, the atmosphere will be more casual. In 2011, guests at the Queen’s dinner ate 10,000 canapés of British classics. This included confit shoulders of lamb, quail eggs with celery salt, Yorkshire pudding and roast beef, Scottish smoked salmon on beet root blini, and smoked haddock fishcake with pea guacamole.

Although these British traditions will certainly be present, some wonder if Meghan might have some delightful surprises in store. Planning your own canapé party? Try these classy appetizers

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The American influence

Meghan is a self-declared foodie, so it’s safe to say she will definitely have opinions on the menus. There is speculation that her favorite wine Tignanello will make an appearance, so guests can expect plenty of fruity red to be passed around.

Many are also wondering if Meghan will bring some American cuisine into the British landscape—late night American snacks could be present at the second reception. Perhaps even some California cooking classics will make it across the pond. Try some of her favorite foods tonight!

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Breaking from tradition

Who gets to bake a royal wedding cake? Pastry chef Claire Ptak, that’s who. Ptak is the owner of Violet Bakery in East-London, but she’s from California, signaling some home-state solidarity with Meghan. The design for the cake has people buzzing—not only because it sounds delicious, but because it will be a huge break in tradition from past royal weddings. Learn all about it here.

Past British royal couples have celebrated their wedding day with towering fruitcakes topped with intricate icing designs. However, Ptak has something different in mind. Her vision is a gorgeous organic lemon and elderflower cake that’s perfect for spring, topped with very nontraditional buttercream frosting and fresh flowers. Want to celebrate like a royal? This lemon chiffon cake recipe is divine. Find more regal cake recipes below.

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But whether it’s tuna tartare or bubble and squeak cakes, the menu is sure to be fit for royals, and sure to give us plenty of menu inspiration for our own springtime parties.

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