Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes Exist, and We’re Practically Speechless

A box of savory rotisserie chicken candy canes should be perfect for holiday pranks.

There are traditional Christmas foods, and then there are gimmicky seasonal treats that brands seem to come out with every year. You expect to see peppermint candy canes and colorful Christmas cookies, for example. But rotisserie chicken candy canes? That’s another story!

We’ve always said store-bought rotisserie chickens can be a quick and easy option for weeknight dinners. But the idea of adding that roasted flavor to a candy cane seems, well, you make the call.

Are Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes Real?

Yes! The chicken candy canes are 100% real. Archie McPhee is selling the chicken-flavored treats, and it’s not too pricey, either. A mere $10.95 will get you a box of six. You could keep the whole box for yourself or share ’em among friends.

Or, if you’re a prank lover, you could always stick a candy cane in each of your family members’ stockings. Watching their unsuspecting faces as they bite into what they thought was a butterscotch candy cane would be a highly memorable way to spend the holidays.

What Other Unexpected Holiday Foods Are out There?

If you’re into the weirder side of Christmas food trends, there are more options than you’d think. You can buy pickle candy canes, too (also thanks to Archie McPhee), although that does sound at least marginally better than rotisserie chicken. Next year, there will be Zombie Skittles in time for Halloween, for what that’s worth.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the more traditional holiday flavors—and your friends and family will probably thank you.

Make Your Own Christmas Candy Instead
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