Pink Rose Succulents Are Perfect for Houseplant Fans—Here’s Where to Find Them

Even the Queen would love this rose succulent.

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You’ve got people with green thumbs, and then you’ve got people with brown thumbs, who can kill a plant just by looking at it. If you’re part of the second group, like me, you might want to look into succulents. These low-maintenance houseplants are seriously easy to grow, and come in so many adorable varieties—like this bunny succulent!

Now, of course, succulents are pretty, but some of us prefer the classics, like roses. Luckily, there’s a way to combine the two! This pink rose succulent will make your house look like the Bridgerton set.

You Can Hardly Tell the Difference

The rose succulent is actually made up of leaves packed so tightly together, they look like petals! I definitely thought these were roses at first glance, though when you look closer, you can see the slight difference in shape.

Also known as the mountain rose succulent or greenovia dodrantalis, this gorgeous succulent comes in many different colors, and pink is the rarest. It starts out growing green, but eventually turns pink if it’s kept in a hot and humid area.

How to Care for a Rose Succulent

If you’re growing these in pots outdoors, they’re best grown in shade away from direct sunlight. If you’re keeping them indoors, you can keep them in direct sunlight or under a grow light.

As with most succulents, you don’t want to over-water these, as the leaves may start rotting. The outer leaves might dry up, but are usually consumed by the plant for nutrition. This plant also goes dormant if the temperature goes above 85°F, and during this time, it should be kept in a bright place out of direct sunlight without watering. If the plant is healthy, learn how to propagate succulents with cuttings.

Essentials for Succulent Care

Where Can I Find a Rose Succulent?

You can pick up a pink rose succulent at this Etsy shop, where you can see pictures from happy growers. If you’re looking to do some more growing this summer, we’ve got all the best gardening tips, and we also know the best places to buy plants and seeds!

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