This Company Is Giving Two Bottles of Wine to Health Care Workers for Every Case Bought

We love what Ripe Life Wines is doing to put a smile on the face of our health care heroes!

During challenging times, it’s always important to look for stories of hope, kindness and support. That’s why we love what Ripe Life Wines is doing to support our health care heroes right now. Ripe Life is a small craft wine label, but they’re committed to supporting their community. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, Ripe Life was donating 5% of their inventory to local charity events. Now, they’re taking that mission a step further.

THIS Is How to Say “Thank You!”

For every case of wine bought, Ripe Life Wines will send two complimentary bottles of wine to a health care professional, along with a personal thank-you note. This special tribute is a fantastic way to give back to those who risk their lives every day to help people in need. To date, Ripe Life has sent over 350 bottles of wine to deserving health care professionals.

Plus, one customer asked that instead of giving her two free bottles to a health care worker, if Ripe Life could drop them at her next-door neighbor’s house. Love that!

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How to Donate Ripe Life Wine

It’s simple. You have to order a case of wine from Ripe Life. Then, add a health care worker’s name and address to the order notes field of your shopping cart. In an effort to help keep people at home and out of the stores during the COVID-19 crisis, the company is also offering free shipping with the code STAYHOME. You can say a further thank you by checking out these best gifts for nurses.

This mission is a simple example of kindness in a time of unprecedented hardship for so many people. Make sure to keep Ripe Life Wines in mind for your next Zoom happy hour!

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