This 7-Year-Old Restaurant Is Now America’s Favorite Pizza Chain

Updated: May 19, 2022

People really love customizing their food at this chain.

Mainstay chain pizza restaurants and local mom-and-pop pizza shops often compete for business—but neither have the honor of being America’s favorite pizza spot. According to a new poll from Harris Insights & Analytics, seven-year-old pizza restaurant Blaze Pizza is the winner of the 2018 Pizza Chain of the Year award.

The Harris Poll’s 30th annual EquiTrend study is one of the longest-running surveys in the United States. It surveys more than 77,000 people on more than 3,000 randomly selected brands in total. This year, there’s 80 Brand of the Year awards for everything from printers to footwear stores— not just food-related brands. In addition to public opinion, the poll uses their Brand Equity Index to calculate familiarity, quality, and purchase considerations to determine the winners as well.

Blaze Pizza might be new to the pizza restaurant scene, but they are more than catching up to competitors. In fact, according to research firm Technomic, Blaze Pizza expanded in four years from two locations to more than 200 across America—making it the fastest-growing U.S. food chain, Forbes reports. One of the best selling points of this pizza chain is that customers build their own pizza with customization similar to Chipotle or Subway. Even basketball legend LeBron James loves Blaze Pizza—so much so that he walked away from a deal with McDonald’s to invest in and endorse Blaze Pizza, Business Insider reports.

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