‘Reindeer Bait’ Is the Best Part About the Holidays—Here’s How to Make It Yourself

Make sure Santa's sleigh stops at your home by mixing up a tempting batch of Reindeer Bait.

Similar to Santa’s Trash, dirt cakes and puppy chow, Reindeer Bait is the latest viral trend that’s far more delicious than its name would suggest. Best of all, it’s not so hard to recreate at home with pantry ingredients. In fact, you can probably work with what you have on hand, especially if you’re someone who stocks up on sweets and salty snacks. All you need are pretzels, chocolate, sprinkles, and well, whatever else you’d like!

Leaving milk and cookies out for Santa is a wonderful tradition, but Rudolph, Prancer, Blitzen and the whole crew might like a little snack too.

Reindeer Bait Is Easy to Make

Start by combining sweet treats like marshmallows, M&M’s (we recommend the new Sugar Cookie M&M’s) and even some broken candy canes on a baking sheet. Then you need to think salty—this is where you can add mixed nuts, potato chips, mini pretzels and everyone’s favorite, Chex! White chocolate is the glue that holds everything together, so put a generous amount of either white chocolate chips or a chopped white chocolate bar into a bowl and microwave until everything is smooth and creamy.

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Once melted, pour the white chocolate over all of the tray of goodies, making sure to mix the concoction well in order to coat every last bit. Refrigerate the tray for one hour, and once it sets, break the Reindeer Bait into smaller pieces and serve. It’s that easy!

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Reindeer Bait requires no strict recipe, it doesn’t take any special skills and you don’t even have to turn on the oven to make it. That’s why it’s a perfect no-bake recipe the whole family can help make. You can also get pretty creative with this recipe. White chocolate is recommended because it evokes winter snow, but think of all the options. Dark or milk chocolate would be equally good, and what if you drizzled salted caramel on the whole thing? The sky’s the limit!

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