Reese’s Is Making Shake & Break Eggs Full of Reese’s Pieces

We're already looking forward to Easter baskets.

Reese’s keeps candy-lovers guessing. From half-pound Reese’s cups to super-skinny Reese’s Thins (and even Reese’s coffee creamer), the brand seems to have a li’l something for everyone. The next move?

It’s Reese’s Pieces Shake & Break Eggs!

Sure, a Reese’s Advent calendar might be more seasonally appropriate right now. But one look at these gems and we’re already having Easter thoughts.

Here’s What to Expect Next Year

The hollow milk chocolate eggs are filled with candy-coated Reese’s Pieces, so they rattle when you shake ’em. Just unwrap, shake around and then crack the shell for double the delectable fun! The Reese’s Pieces eggs are wrapped in yellow foil with orange and black polka dots and, well, they look pretty cute.

Hershey’s has already previewed their Easter candy lineup for 2020. You can expected the Reese’s Pieces eggs, plus, the usual Reese’s eggs and Cadbury eggs. No word on when this Easter candy will be available at major retailers like Walmart and Kroger, but it’s safe to say it won’t be until next year.

There’s All Kinds of Egg-cellent Candy

You have no shortage of choice when it comes to Easter candy. With this latest addition, Reese’s Pieces eggs could be giving Cadbury Creme Eggs a run for their money. It’s tough to say this early in the game, but these new Reese’s Pieces eggs might make our list of  the best candy for your Easter basket!

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