Reese’s Valentine’s Day Treat Is Adorable, but There’s a Catch

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They’re called Lovemojis, and oh, how cute!

I guess you could consider me a chocoholic, and thanks to this job, I’ve been able to satisfy my chocolate cravings. Between trying the three Snickers flavors, the new Milky Way flavor and even the incredible Reese’s Take 5 bar, I’ve had my fill. But in my heart, no candy in the world will ever compare to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. So when I was asked to check out Reese’s latest Valentine’s Day product, I immediately said yes. Because, well, why would I not?

Kiersten Hickman/Taste of Home

This Valentine’s Day, Reese’s is getting flirty by offering “Lovemojis.” The emojis in the packaging include the starstruck emoji, the heart-eyes emoji and the face-blowing-a-kiss emoji.

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What do the Reese’s Lovemojis look like?

When my colleagues and I first heard of these Reese’s, we immediately started debating about which Reese’s design was the best. Some like the Easter egg-shaped Reese’s, others are huge advocates for the pumpkin Reese’s. Personally, I always liked the Christmas tree, because I’ve always been a sucker for the holiday season. However, this Reese’s product could potentially be the all-time favorite.

We ripped open the packaging, only to find out that the treat was simply the original Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup design that we all know and love.

Kiersten Hickman/Taste of Home

Here’s what I think

Although these cups aren’t emoji-shaped, I still love the packaging. It brings me back to celebrating Valentine’s Day in elementary school, where I would plan out particular cards for those special people. I would make sure the perfect card was planned for my crush—and would feel a sense of alarm when I finally dropped it into his little bucket o’ valentines. Let’s be honest, if I were to use the Lovemojis as my valentines back in the day, he would definitely be getting that “face blowing a kiss” one.

Where to buy the Reese’s Lovemojis

You can find this clever Reese’s over at Target now! Target has seriously been upping their game on candy offerings lately—especially for this Valentine’s Day. Along with these adorable Lovemojis, Target is offering candy products from the incredible Dylan’s Candy Bar.

You can buy a cute paint can container of colorful assorted candies and a mason jar of twisted rainbow lollipops.

You can also find White Chocolate Crème Brulee Ghirardelli Squares, one of the chocolatier’s returning inventions, at Target as well.

Kiersten Hickman/Taste of Home

Needless to say, Target has all the perfect Valentine’s Day goodies for anyone in your life this year. Grab something sweet for your pals, your colleagues or maybe even a huge lollipop (or a bag of Lovemojis) for your significant other. Because what better way to say “I love you” than with a whole bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

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