You Can Find Reese’s Cookie Dough Bites at 7-Eleven RIGHT NOW

It's the next best thing to batter straight out of the mixing bowl.

Now you can have all the fun of eating raw cookie dough without the risk!

Sure, 7-Eleven is practically synonymous with Slurpees. It’s also an excellent source for indulging your cookie dough cravings. The convenience store is selling Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cookie dough bites under its “7-Select” brand.

What Are the Dough Bites?

The ping-pong ball-sized blobs of dough taste like the classic candy with a sweet peanut butter core. It’s not a no-name knock-off—these bites are Reese’s branded, so expect the smooth, sweet flavor and texture for which Peanut Butter Cups are known.

The sneak peek was posted by @familyfooddude on Instagram, who couldn’t wait to share the snacky news.

The packaging announces “Safe to eat! Bakeable too!” so you can eat these morsels on the spot or put them in an oven to transform them more traditionally. No one is going to stop you from plopping the bites onto a sheet pan and baking a batch of good old-fashioned peanut butter cookies. But cookies are a dime a dozen while ready-to-eat dough bites are a rare treat (pun intended).

The 6-ounce plastic tubs also come with a lid, so you can save some of that snack for later.

Why You Need ‘Em

Reese’s Cookie Dough Bites have joined the pantheon of glorious peanut butter products, including Reese’s coffee creamer. For people who love Reese’s, this treat is a must-have.

Plus, the cookie dough bites are more dignified than eating dough out of a giant tub from Costco. The store-bought, ready-to-eat treats are also easier than making peanut butter cups from scratch, making your own edible cookie dough or making the next best thing, a no-bake Peanut Butter Cream Pie.

If you live in Iowa, Kansas, Oregon or Wyoming—the four states that ranked Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as the number one Halloween candy—you’re in extra luck! Get to your local 7-Eleven before the end of October.

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