Reese Witherspoon Just Shared Her Recipe for a Fizzy Apple Cider Cocktail

You'll need apple cider, soda water, Prosecco and Aperol to make this seasonal spritzer.

There’s no better time of year than fall—when it comes to food, that is! We’re all in love with the wide variety of pumpkin spice-flavored stuff that hits the shelves, but we also enjoy other festive flavors, like apple and pecan. Really, we’re just here for the treats that celebrate chilly weather, scarves and colorful leaves.

So it follows that we’re excited about this new recipe for a fizzy apple cider cocktail, straight from Reese Witherspoon. In fact, we’re ready to start a backyard bonfire and whip up this delightful fall concoction right now.

It’s the Perfect Drink for Fall

If you want to create a fizzy apple cider cocktail for yourself, all you need is apple cider, soda water, Prosecco and Aperol. Mix all the ingredients together in a glass (add the Prosecco last, and only use a splash of it), and boom! You have a boozy bev that’s bursting with cold-weather flavor.

To see Reese creating this incredible drink (and busting some sweet dance moves), check out the video below. (It’s on her Instagram, too.)

My Fizzy Apple Cider ##cocktailrecipe!💃🏼🍂🍎

♬ The Git Up – Blanco Brown

Psst: We’ve been trying Reese’s recipes for lemon meringue pie, sour cream cake and chicken pot pie casserole, too!

Want More Fall Drinks?

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