These Are Ree Drummond’s Favorite Potluck Dinners

As the unofficial queen of farmhouse food, Ree Drummond knows a thing or two about feeding a crowd. Here are her two favorite dishes to cook when a potluck rolls around.

Potluck recipes have a special place in my heart. There’s something so comforting about a bunch of friends and family coming together, contributing what they can to create a fun and satisfying meal. And it usually means there’s a giant potato side dish, a major plus in my book. But sometimes, I’m completely lost as to what to contribute, especially if I don’t know what others will bring.

Lucky for me and anyone with potluck-related stress, Taste of Home recently chatted with Ree Drummond to get the inside scoop on her go-to potluck dinner choices.

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It’s All About the Casseroles

As someone who’s no stranger to feeding a herd of people, Ree likes to stick with a trusty casserole dish when a potluck comes along. In particular, she turns to her mom’s chicken spaghetti. “It was one of the first recipes I posted on my food blog years ago,” Ree says, “and I take it to our church potlucks.”

Here are some heavenly potluck recipes worth taking to church.

Chicken spaghetti is pretty simple to put together; it’s usually chicken, pasta, some condensed cream soup, and handfuls of veggies and cheese that bubble and bake in a 13×9. I can’t get enough of Taste of Home’s most popular version of chicken spaghetti, but you can still find Ree’s recipe on her site, if you want to feel like the Pioneer Woman herself.

Go Meaty

Ree doesn’t limit herself to casseroles, though. Another of her favorites is “just a good ol’ beef chili, with no beans.” To make it a bit easier (and limit the number of dishes she’ll end up washing) Ree reaches for her her Instant Pot. “I love making chili in the Instant Pot because you can saute the meat there and you can add everything and cook it all in one vessel,” she says.

Here’s how she serves that chili. (Our stomachs are growling just thinking about it.)

Now that you have your next few potluck dinner recipes planned out, check out some of Ree Drummond’s favorite potluck dishes for every course.

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