This Is Ree Drummond’s Favorite Childhood Meal

We all love Ree Drummond for her ranch-style meals. But what did the Pioneer Woman love to eat as a kid? We asked her!

When it comes to nostalgic dinners—the ones that make us think of crowding around the dinner table with family—we’ve all got our favorites. For some folks, it’s lasagna or sloppy joes. For me, it’s one of these ’80s-style dishes, like chicken divan. If you ask the Pioneer Woman, aka Ree Drummond, it’s another comforting classic: chicken spaghetti.

The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti

Ree told Taste of Home, that chicken spaghetti is “one of those tastes of childhood…I take a bite and I still feel like I’m seven.” According to Ree, this dish is still a regular at her family dinner table.

Chicken spaghetti, for the unfamiliar, is one of those hearty meals served up in a trusty 13×9 pan. Recipes vary, but you can always count on chicken, spaghetti, a can of cream soup, a handful of veggies and a generous topping of cheese. This is our favorite take on the recipe, but you can try Ree’s, too. Hers gets an extra boost of flavor thanks to some green peppers and cayenne. The best part of both of these recipes: They can easily be prepped in advance—perfect for busy nights.

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Ree’s Nostalgic Kitchen

Of course, chicken spaghetti isn’t the only nostalgic dish that Ree enjoys. “There were a lot of memorable meals that really informed the things that I cook for my family,” she said. “The things my grandma, my mom and her friends made are so much a part of my kitchen.” Also, try our favorite Pioneer Woman’s tater tot casserole recipe.

So it’s no surprise that Ree creates her own take on traditional comfort food meals, like lasagna. Check out how we liked Ree’s take on it. These hearty, flavorful recipes have become part of the Pioneer Woman signature, though Ree always adds a bit of her ranch-style flair. That means something a bit hearty, fresh or spicy, like chipotles in adobo—one of Ree’s favorite ingredients.

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