Ree Drummond Is Selling Wooden Recipe Cards and They’re Insanely Cute

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Ree Drummond may be one of Food Network’s darlings and a notable blogger, but she does plenty more. From hotels to cookbooks and restaurants, Ree is a busy bee. Let’s not forget The Mercantile, her sweet Oklahoma based shop that sells food, kitchen essentials and more.

The store recently stocked its shelves with a slew of new products and one, in particular, caught our attention: wooden recipe cards.

Set of wooden recipe cards sold by Ree

Ree is selling three different wooden recipe cards at her brick and mortar store, and they’re also available online. Each card is engraved with one of her family favorite recipes, so you can cook just like Ree does. One card explains how to master “The Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast;” another details how to whip up “Ladd’s Favorite Chocolate Pie.” And the last one? Well, you’ll be chowing down on “Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes” in no time.

Want to cook like Ree at your next BBQ, too? This is how she serves corn on the cob. 

Why You’ll Love Them

While Ree is advertising the dishes as easy, crowd-pleasing, must-have recipes, what’s truly innovative is the card itself. The cards are 4×6 inches, so they’ll fit in your beloved recipe box. Because they’re wooden (as opposed to printed paper), they won’t be subjected to the wear and tear that your heirloom index cards are. That’s right—if you spill some oil on them, just wipe them off. Really! If your recipe box is already stuffed, no worries. You can display them around your kitchen as a fun, unique decoration.

While we’re not too set on replacing our own heirloom cards with our great-grandmother’s cursive (here are our best dishes from our grandmothers’ recipe boxes by the way!), we love that these may just last forever.

The 4×6 cards cost $10 each.

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